Karen Busch, LCSW

Much scientific research shows that therapy is an effective tool in improving your health. Taking part in the therapeutic process is not only helpful in the short term, but also has exponential benefits in the long term. Therapy is one of the greatest contributors when it comes to reaching emotional health.


One theory on how learning takes place in the brain involves the continued use of pathways becoming the default use. What this can mean to you in therapy is that as you continually practice processing information in a positive, healing way, eventually this will become your brain's preferred way of handling input.





Newport Beach Therapist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


1151 Dove St., Suite 285
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There are many ways to practice therapy. These are the kinds of therapy I use when working with clients:

If you'd like some information about some of the things people seek out therapy to remedy, please see these:

I also work with couples, children, & adolescents.

I seek to provide a safe and supportive therapeutic environment to help people heal from various levels of pain to a more whole and integrated sense of self. By helping people make meaning out of their experiences and integrating these into a new narrative, I hope they will ultimately share this with their loved ones.

My aim for each individual, couple, and family I work with is to help them find their strengths and to promote and nurture these strengths in themselves. This is to help them attain more satisfying relationships, a life with broader choices and deeper meaning.

Having over 25 plus years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families has provided me with an understanding and respect for the many layers of a person's experience. This work that has brought success to my clients is something that I respect, as I do each person I have the privilege of working with.

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